LUZO offers you sweated onions


The sweat onions are available as per follow :

  • in sealed containers from 1Kg up to 15kg  (2.2 to 33lbs)
  • « Best-Before » date of 2 months
  • +2/+4°C coolers storage 

The peeled and sliced onions are slightly cooked in sunflower oil, which keeps the original taste of the product and its crunchiness (with thin cuts).

The sweat onions are not seasoned and therefore can be used for any of your recipes : 

  • Ready to use products for pizzas, vegetables or meat pies, or simply for an ingredient for ready meals…
  • It’s a great ready-to-use culinary base.
  • No need to peel, No need to sliceNo need to brown your onions…


Goodbye the pungent smell, red eyes tears !