LUZO recommends the shallot seeds,

known as CASSANDRE


This particular seed is a F1 hybrid. Once fully grown, its shape is typically semi-elongated with a pink inside flesh and a copper-colored peel.


The technical specifications are as follow :


  • suitable for the fresh product market and for the food industry
  • excellent long term storage (about one year) with a good quality peel long life condition
  • ±160 days « at rest » / vegetative cycle aimed to be sown in the outside fields (a darker colored soil is preferred)
  • Sowing date : from March to mid-April for a harvest between mid-August to September
  • Seeding rate : from 3 to 8 doses depending on the required size. One dose contains about 250 000 seeds, i.e. ±1 kg
  • High yielding variety
  • Seeds suitable for long-day period with a precocity type P2
  • Treatment with INFLUX 480 FS possible


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